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Our Vision

Multtey envisions one single, unified app that combines convenience and accessibility for everyone, eliminating the need to download and manage numerous apps, making every day
life easier.

This Is How We Started


We were founded


Got our first seed investment


Decemeber 1st Launch Our Beta


August 5 We will make Multtey (MTK) token avalible to the public.

We aim to connect the world to the next generation of booking convenient and fair services with local trusted partners, retail stores, restaurants, and qualified service providers on-demand within one app. There would no longer be a need to download individual apps that do the same thing and be managed by the users.


Multtey will not merely be another gig app but will be the Amazon of the gig economy. By offering millions of people around the world an end-to-end experience that is seamless, smooth, and provide a solution for almost any need within one app, We know that this is possible through creating a consistent flow of revenue from micro task/jobs which will result in more customers being retained on one app, this will be amplified and elevated the gig economy. When users can accept and assign multiple micro-jobs within one app, earning and saving potential would be unlimited. 

Our Mission

Using the power of innovation and ease, Multtey enables people to connect with multiple local businesses and skilled taskers, catering to almost every need at all times, wherever they are within one app.

See How You Can Benefit From Our
Partnership Program

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