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All The Convenience You'll Need 

Multtey Universe is the unified app that combines convenience and accessibility for everyone. 

Support Local

Show your support in the community by ordering from nearby restaurants. 

On-Demand Delivery

The only Convenience you'll need.

Order with Us

 Got crypto? Exchange your tokens with us for MTK Tokens to use towords your purchases.  

Confidence in our deliveries.  

At Multtey, we train all of our taskers to offer a service that is above and beyond the rest.

Welcome To The New Era

Express Delivery

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Crypto Friendly 

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Online Booking

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Our Mission for You.

 Multtey’s goal is to empower local businesses and skilled freelancers with the technology to promote themselves on a platform that gives back into the community like before.

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Grow with us

Earn more than ever by partnering with us and taking home more of what you deserve. We stand by our Taskers and their ability to deliver a service above all and the pay should reflect that.

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Convenience Start Here

Spend your money here and earn Multtey Rewards that you can use towards qualified purchases. We offer a wide variety of Rewards including: card linking (Raiszh), Alms Giving Rewards, MTK Tokens, and many more...

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Trusted by the Greatest

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You'll Have More Convenience With Multtey

Industry-leading tech

Online Payments

Fastest Delivery 

Every Service With A Smile

With the Right Platform, Everything Is Possible


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