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One App,
Many Uses

With Multtey Token, you can access a variety of apps and services, right when you need them. You can even work with multiple service providers at once in one app. It's easy to stay organized and on top of things with this innovative platform. 

Download the app and get started experience convience!
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We use the power of innovation and ease to connect people with multilple local businesses

Find Services In Your Area.

From cafes to restaurants, and hair salons to cleaners, start networking with small local retailers and find the one that suits you best. You can use an easy-to-use business directory app which will help you find your match.

Order Pick-Up or Delivery 

Order Pick-Up or Delivery. With the Multtey app, you can order and pay for your favorite food, skip the line at a restaurant, and have a meal delivered to your door without ever leaving the app.

Book with Local Service Pros

Get connected with the professionals you need to help make your next event or project a success. With our booking engine, you can find local vendors and book services in just a few taps.

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